KC Securities Limited

investment n.

'the act of investing; laying out of money or capital
in an enterprise with the expectation of profit'

"When you invest in something you expect to make a profit.
Rightly so…"

But the world is a confusing place.
By investing in KC Securities we keep it simple.

If you are interested in investing in property or bonds
on a long term basis, then contact us today on
09 306 1133 or email info@kcsecurities.co.nz

Important note: KC Securities shares are currently only available for subscription by persons who meet the criteria of ‘eligible persons’ and/or persons who do not constitute members of the public under the Securities Act 1978. At the present time, KC Securities shares are not being offered to members of the public for subscription. For further information on eligibility requirements for investors, please contact us or your professional advisor for further information.